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Applies to: Exchange Online, Exchange Server, Exchange Server 2013


This feature of Exchange Server 2013 isn’t fully compatible with Office 365 operated by 21Vianet in China and some feature limitations may apply. For more information, see Learn about Office 365 operated by 21Vianet.

A hybrid deployment offers organizations the ability to extend the feature-rich experience and administrative control of their existing on-premises Microsoft Exchange organization to the cloud. Providing the seamless look and feel of a single Exchange organization between an on-premises Exchange organization and Exchange Online in Office 365, a hybrid deployment can also serve as an intermediate step to moving completely to an Exchange Online organization.

The Hybrid Configuration Wizard provides you with a streamlined process to configure a hybrid deployment between your on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online organizations.


There are several important considerations and prerequisites that you need to complete before you use the Hybrid Configuration wizard. You must meet the requirements for hybrid deployments outlined in Hybrid deployment prerequisites. Then you’ll be ready to use the Hybrid Configuration wizard to configure your Exchange organization for the hybrid deployment.

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