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Applies to: Exchange Server 2013

The data loss prevention (DLP) policy templates supplied by Microsoft act as model policies that contain sets of rules that will help you detect and manage specific types of information in email. In the DLP Policy from template window, you can select one of these templates to begin the process of building your own customized DLP policy with rules that enforce your protection requirements. To review information about getting started with policy templates, see the links at the end of this page.

Considerations for using DLP templates

You don’t need to add a custom Name or Description in order to save a policy. However, adding your own information to your DLP policies may prevent confusion later if another person begins to manage your DLP polices or if you plan to use a lot of policies. The information you add in these areas will show up in other windows within Exchange and can be a quick reference that indicates what you meant the policy to accomplish.

Even though you can modify your DLP policies by editing the rules within them once the policy has been saved, you can only use a single template one time to create one DLP policy for your organization. That is, you cannot use the same template to create more than one DLP policy. You can create and save many DLP policies and you can use a lot of different templates to achieve the overall data loss prevention solution that you need for your organization. However, you cannot save more than one DLP policy that is based on the same template.

You can use the More options… link in the DLP policy template window as a way to put the entire policy in an active or inactive state. This is known as selecting a mode for all the requirements that are in a single policy. When you choose to enforce the DLP policy, mail flow will be affected and the rules and actions will be applied to messages. When you choose one of the test modes, the rules and actions will be applied, but mail flow will not be affected.

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