Analyzing Load Test Virtual User Activity in the Details View of the Load Test Analyzer


Virtual User Activity Chart

Virtual User Activity Chart

The Details view displays the Virtual User Activity Chart, which is used to visually analyze what the individual virtual users did during the load test. Virtual User Activity Chart lets you see patterns of user activity, load patterns, correlate failed or slow tests, and see requests with other virtual user activity. The Virtual User Activity Chart can also help you determine spikes in CPU usage, drops in requests per second, and what tests or pages were running during the spikes and drops.


  • Visual Studio Enterprise


Before you run the load test for which you want to use the Virtual User Activity Details Chart, you must verify that the Timing Details Storage property is set to the AllIndividualDetails option by using the Load Performance Test Editor. For more information, see How to: Configure Collecting Full Details to Enable the Virtual User Activity Chart.

Details Legend Panel

Details legend panel

The details legend panel is visible in the Virtual User Activity Chart. The details legend pane lets you filter out tests, pages and transactions based on several different criteria. For example, you can remove certain tests from the view, or remove all successful tests, or remove tests which failed with certain failures. You can also remove all tests that do not have logs.

You can highlight tests which failed, which displays all failed tests colored in red. You can also highlight tests that have test logs. Tests with logs will be colored in green.

Filter results Panel

Filter results panel

The Filter results panel is visible in the Virtual User Activity Chart. The Filter results panel can filter on the following:

  • Show only results with logs Displays only test results that have test logs associated with them.

  • Show successful results Displays successful results.

  • Show results with errors Displays results with errors that can help in debugging.


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