CoverageInfo.BuildDataSet Method (IEnumerable<Guid>)


Builds a CoverageDS data set by using the provided list of test GUIDs. This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.

Namespace:   Microsoft.VisualStudio.Coverage.Analysis
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Coverage.Analysis (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Coverage.Analysis.dll)


public CoverageDS BuildDataSet(
    IEnumerable<Guid> tests
CoverageDS^ BuildDataSet(
    IEnumerable<Guid>^ tests
member BuildDataSet : 
        tests:IEnumerable<Guid> -> CoverageDS
Public Function BuildDataSet (
    tests As IEnumerable(Of Guid)
) As CoverageDS


Return Value

Type: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Coverage.Analysis.CoverageDS

A CoverageDS data set.

See Also

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