Create a Calculated Column (Tutorial)

In this lesson you'll create new data in your PowerPivot workbook by adding a calculated column. A calculated column is based on data that already exists in your PowerPivot workbook. For more information, see Create a Calculated Column.


This topic is part of a PowerPivot for Excel tutorial, which should be completed in order. For information about prerequisites and the first step in the tutorial, see Create Your First PowerPivot Workbook (Tutorial).

Create a calculated column

  1. In the PowerPivot window, select the FactSales table.

  2. On the Design tab, in the Columns group, click Add.

  3. In the formula bar above the table, type the following formula. AutoComplete helps you type the fully qualified names of columns and tables, and lists the functions that are available. For tips on how to use AutoComplete, see Building Formulas for Calculated Columns and Measures.

    =[SalesAmount] - [TotalCost] - [ReturnAmount].

  4. When you have finished building the formula, press ENTER to accept the formula.

    Values are populated for all the rows in the calculated column. If you scroll down through the table, you will see that rows can have different values for this column, based on the data that is in each row.

  5. Rename the column by right-clicking CalculatedColumn1 and selecting Rename Column. Type TotalProfit, and then press ENTER.

Next Step

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