Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Test Manager


As you become more familiar with Microsoft Test Manager, you can take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts that are provided for you. These will help you navigate the user interface more quickly in the Testing Center, in the Lab Center, and when you run tests using Test Runner.


  • Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Test Professional

Testing Center and Lab Center

The following illustration shows the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the Testing Center and in the Lab Center. These are also listed in the table.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Test Manager


Press the Alt key to see the underlined letter to use for an accelerator for a command for a specific view. For example, Alt-u is the accelerator to run tests in the Run Tests view.

Navigation Shortcuts
Backward Alt+Left

Back key (multimedia keyboards)

Back button on mouse
Forwards Alt+Right

Forward key (multimedia keyboards)

Forward button on mouse
Home Home key (multimedia keyboards)
Center group switcher Ctrl+~
Center group menu bar Ctrl+<n> where n is the position of the item in the menu bar (for example, switch to Plan in the Testing Center with Ctrl +1)
View Ctrl+Shift+<n>, where n is the position of the view (for example, switch to the Properties view for your test plan using Ctrl+Shift+2)
Create a work item Ctrl+N
Open items Ctrl+O

Open key (multimedia keyboards)
Save Ctrl-S
Refresh F5

Refresh key (multimedia keyboards)
Close Ctrl+W

Go to work item Ctrl+G
Context menu Shift+F10

Context menu key (multimedia keyboards)
Help F1

Test Runner

When you run tests by using Test Runner, there are additional keyboard shortcuts, as shown in the following illustration. These are also listed in the table. The shortcuts to mark test steps can be used even when the input focus is on the application under test. The shortcuts let you to mark the test steps without changing the focus.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Test Runner

Navigation Shortcuts
Start test Ctrl+T
Pause test Ctrl+P
Resume test Ctrl+M
Reset test Ctrl+R
End test/End iteration of a test Ctrl+E
Mark a test step as passed Win+Ctrl+Q
Mark a test step as failed Win+Ctrl+W
Mark test as passed Ctrl+Shift+P
Mark test as failed Ctrl+Shift+F
Play action recording for selected steps Ctrl+L
Create bug Ctrl+B
Capture a screenshot Win+Ctrl+C
Add a comment Ctrl+Shift+C

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