Setting Up the Build Environment

Before you run the Build utility, you must install the Window Driver Kit (WDK) to a directory whose path does not contain spaces.

When the WDK is installed, it defines the Start menu shortcuts for several different build environments. To open a build environment window, use the following Start menu path: Start | All Programs | Windows Driver Kits | WDK_Version | Build Environment | Operating System | Build Environment.

Note   In the build environment names, "IA-64" refers to the Intel Itanium architecture and "x64" refers to the x64-based architecture (for example, the Advanced Micro Devices AMD64 processor).

When you select one of the build environment shortcuts, a special Command Prompt window appears. A batch file that is named SetEnv.bat executes in this window, setting the values of many environment variables. For more information about environment variables, see Using Macros and Environment Variables.

The Build utility should always be started from one of these build environment windows.

For more information about the WDK's build environments, see:

Choosing a Build Environment

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Build date: 5/3/2011