Using a Preset Filter

A PREfast for Drivers preset filter is a predefined set of warnings. When you apply a preset filter to a Defect Log, only the warnings that are included in the filter appear in the log. Other warnings are hidden. You can use the preset filters included in PREfast for Drivers or create your own filter.

By default, PREfast for Drivers does not apply any filters. However, for your convenience, PREFast for Drivers remembers the filters that were applied the last time that you ran the tool and applies those filters at startup.

This section includes:

Applying a Preset Filter

Displaying the Warnings in a Preset Filter

List of Preset Filters

Note  This section explains how to apply a preset filter to a Defect Log. For information about applying a preset filter to a PREfast for Drivers analysis, see the description of the /filter parameter in the PREfast Build topic.



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Build date: 5/3/2011