Using Log Files

The Build utility generates files that provide useful information about build product status. These files include the following:

  • buildType**_Version_Cpu.log**
    A log of the commands invoked by NMAKE.

  • buildType**_Version_Cpu.wrn**
    A list of warnings generated during the build.

  • buildType**_Version_Cpu.err**
    A list of errors generated during the build.

To change the names or locations of these files, see Specifying the Location of Created Files.

Log file writing can be controlled by using the -e, -E, -j, or -jpath command-line switches.

Contents of Log Files

Each type of log file contains sequential information about what happened during the build process.

If you use the -M switch to perform a multithread build, each line in a log file is prefixed with the build thread number and a greater-than sign. For example:

1> log file text
1> log file text
0> log file text

The Build utility filters some compiler and linker warnings. Filtered warnings do not appear in the statistics that the Build utility reports, but they do appear in the build*.log and build*.wrn files.



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Build date: 5/3/2011