This function gets the data for the latest notification of the specified class ID. It is available for querying back the data to another application.


LRESULT SHNotificationGetLatestData(
  const CLSID * pclsid,


  • pclsid
    [in] Pointer to the class ID of the notification.
  • pndBuffer
    [out] Pointer to an SHNOTIFICATIONDATA buffer to receive the notification data.

Return Value

This function returns ERROR_SUCCESS when successful.


This function is the same as the SHNotificationGetData function; except it does not have a dwID parameter.

Customizing Notification Toasts

This function can be used to the retrieve the latest notification data of a specified notification class ID when customizing notification toasts.

To customize notification toasts, OEMs must complete the following steps.

  1. Create an OEM customization dll module for the shell notification UI.
  2. Implement the UI customization function OEMSHBoxUI in the OEM customization module.
  3. Configure the registry setting which specifies the name of the OEM customization module for the shell notification UI.

Loading the OEM Customization Module

When in the initiation stage of shell32.exe, the registry setting below will be checked. If the registry setting is present, shell32.exe will try to load the OEM customization module for the shell notification UI and retrieve the UI customization function entry point whose name must to be OEMSHBoxUI.

The following registry setting must be configured in order to specify the name of the OEM customization module.


The following registry value must be specified under the registry key above.

Name Type Description



Specifies the DLL name of the OEM customization module for the shell notification UI.


Header aygshell.h
Library aygshell.lib
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional and later

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