About administering your account


As an administrator of Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises, you can use the Admin Overview page to manage settings for your company, user accounts, and the services to which your company is subscribed. To access this page, click Admin in the header. From this page you can:

  • Create and manage users and groups, external contacts, domains, synchronization, and single sign-on.

  • Manage the services your company subscribes to, such as SharePoint Online and Microsoft Exchange Online.

  • Manage the billing and payment details for your account.

  • Get support for a technical issue or an issue with your subscription, and access Help.

This topic describes administrator tasks for Office 365. For information about administrator roles and permissions for other services in Office 365 such as Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online, see the wiki article Permissions in Office 365 FAQ.

Administrative skills and tasks

There are different types of administrators for performing various tasks such as creating and editing users, managing billing operations, and resetting passwords. Global administrators grant permissions to different administrators within your company based on the administrator role. For more information, see Assigning administrator roles.

In addition to performing specific tasks related to their role, we recommend that all administrators have experience in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of the organization’s IT environment, network, and Internet connectivity

  • Experience supporting and administering operating systems and applications for personal computers

  • Experience providing user assistance or training

  • Ability to troubleshoot user issues

The following are examples of potential administrator responsibilities:

  • Create, change, or delete user accounts

  • Monitor service licenses and service health

  • Manage passwords

  • Resolve user issues with email and SharePoint Online services

  • Manage sites and site collections

  • Pay subscription fees

  • Migrate from the existing company environment to Office 365

  • Train and support workers on how to use Office 365

  • Escalate issues to Office 365 Support

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