Add or change your profile photo


You can upload a profile picture to Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses from your local computer that will appear in all services that display a photo.


The profile photo is a visual representation of how you will be perceived by your coworkers. Make sure to choose the image you use with care.

To add or change a profile photo:

  1. On the header, click My profile.

  2. On the My profile page, click Change photo.

  3. Click Browse to locate a photo on your local computer that you want to use as your profile picture, and then click Upload.


    User photos cannot be larger than 10 KB for Exchange Online Services (for example, Outlook Web App email messages). The photo size limit for other Office 365 services is 100 KB. We recommend that user profile photos be less than 10 KB (approximately 96 x 96 pixels) if you want user photos to display in Exchange Online services. For more information, see Control Sender Photo Settings in Outlook Web App.

    Photos must use one of the following file extensions:

    • .jpg

    • .gif

    • .png

    • .bmp

  4. Click Save. Your profile picture will appear in all Office 365 services that display profile photos.