MapCore.TouchZoom Event

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN, however it is available as a CHM download.

Occurs when the map is touched to zoom the map. The map can be zoomed in using touch by tapping quickly twice, or by sliding two touch points together. The map can be zoomed out using touch by holding the CTRL key down and tapping quickly twice, or by sliding two touch points apart.

Namespace: Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Core
Assembly: Microsoft.Maps.MapControl (in Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.dll)



Public Event TouchZoom As EventHandler(Of MapTouchZoomEventArgs)
public override event EventHandler<MapTouchZoomEventArgs> TouchZoom
virtual event EventHandler<MapTouchZoomEventArgs^>^ TouchZoom {
    void add (EventHandler<MapTouchZoomEventArgs^>^ value) override;
    void remove (EventHandler<MapTouchZoomEventArgs^>^ value) override;
/** @event */
public void add_TouchZoom (EventHandler<MapTouchZoomEventArgs> value)

/** @event */
public void remove_TouchZoom (EventHandler<MapTouchZoomEventArgs> value)


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