The following tutorials were designed to teach a programmer the basics of the Direct3D 11 API. They cover basic setup and procedures to accomplish the fundamental tasks, such as rendering and transformations.

The intended audience is those familiar with programming, but relatively new to 3D graphics programming. The beginning tutorials will be a walkthrough to create the bare framework for Direct3D, as well as serve to explain simple concepts behind 3D rendering, such as vertices, transformations, and animations.

Experienced users migrating to Direct3D 11 can skip over the explanations and observe the changes made to this iteration of the API.

Tutorial 1: Direct3D 11 Basics

Tutorial 2: Rendering a Triangle

Tutorial 3: Shaders and Effect System

Tutorial 4: 3D Spaces

Tutorial 5: 3D Transformation

Tutorial 6: Lighting

Tutorial 7: Texture Mapping and Constant Buffers