MSN Explorer: Diagnose and automatically fix problems with MSN Auto Care

MSN Auto Care is a new support tool that can diagnose and automatically fix some of the issues that MSN customers encounter. You can download and install Auto Care from the Auto Care website. Auto Care can help troubleshoot:

  • Installation issues

  • Client issues

  • Browsing issues

  • Email issues

  • Optimizing Windows Internet Explorer

  • Repairing Internet Explorer

  • Installing Internet Explorer from an MSN CD

  • TCP/IP issues

  • Winsock issues

  • Uninstalling the MSN software

To run Auto Care after it's installed:

  1. In the C:/Program Files/MSN/Support folder on your computer, double-click AC.exe.

  2. Select an item from the Select the Problem or Issue you want to diagnose and fix list.

  3. Click Diagnose and Fix. When the process finishes, the diagnosis steps appear.

  4. Next to any red X items that appear, click Click Here under More Info.

  5. To save the results in a text file, click Save Result. The results are saved to the desktop in a file called ACLog.txt.

MSN Explorer: About the MSN software