Money: About the Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager Essentials gives you a convenient view of all your investment accounts. In the Portfolio Manager, you can:

  • Track investments from multiple financial institutions.

  • Record and view your buy and sell transactions.

  • Get updated investment prices.

  • View price history, basic analysis data, and details about the performance of your investments, such as appreciation, gain, and return.

  • Customize your portfolio view, choosing from more than 40 columns of financial data.

The following types of investments are supported by Portfolio Manager Essentials:

  • Stocks

  • Mutual funds

  • International stocks

  • Indexes

  • International indexes

  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

  • Money market funds

The following types of investments are not supported by the Portfolio Manager Essentials:

  • Options

  • Futures

  • Certificates of deposits (CDs)

  • Bonds

  • Employee stock options (ESOs)

  • Cash

  • Warrants

  • T-bills

The Portfolio Manager no longer supports the following types of transactions: Interest, Capital gains distribution, Other income, Other expense, Return capital, Interest reinvest, Capital gain reinvest, Expire, Exercise, ESO grant, ESO vest, ESO exercise, ESO expire, Redeem, Transfer investment (into and out of account), Transfer short investment (into and out of account), Option buy/sell to open/close order, Option expire for long/short position. To track these types of transactions, upgrade to the Deluxe Portfolio Manager.

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