Create a Service Request Based on an Alert

The information that is provided in alerts is often enough for you to resolve the detected issue. If you need additional assistance you can contact Microsoft Help and Support directly from the Alerts page in System Center Advisor. This enables you to open a support request to address the issue detected by the service.


The following procedure creates a support request for the product that generated the alert, not for Advisor. If you are experiencing issues with Advisor, see Contact Microsoft Help and Support.

To open a support request from an alert

  1. In the Advisor portal, click the Alerts icon to display alerts.

  2. Select the specific alert from which you want to create a service request.

  3. In the details view for the alert, click the Solution tab.

  4. Click Contact a support professional by Email, Online or Phone.

    The Microsoft Help and Support web site is opened. Follow the instructions to create a service request.

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