Deploy System Center Advisor

The System Center Advisor environment consists of a web service and on-premise software (a gateway to communicate with the service and one or more agents to collect and analyze data). Perform the following steps to deploy Advisor in your environment:

  1. Review the System Center Advisor System Requirements.

  2. Read the Planning Considerations for System Center Advisor to build a topology that matches your environment. If you have a firewall in your environment, review the Firewall Information for System Center Advisor.

  3. Create an Account and Download the On-Premise Software and download the gateway and agent setup wizard.

  4. Install the gateway and agent. Use one of the following methods:

  5. Register a gateway (if this did not occur during gateway installation).

  6. Authorize Agents to Access the Gateway if you choose to restrict connections to the gateway during gateway installation.

  7. Configure the Gateway and Agent. (Optional)

  8. Configure the Run As account to be used to analyze SharePoint. See Set the Run As Account For SharePoint for information.

  9. Configure the Run As account to be used to analyze Lync. See Set the Run As Account for Lync Server for information.

  10. Configure the Run As account to be used to analyze VMM. See Set the Run As Account for Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) for information.

  11. If you run into any issues, review Advisor Deployment Troubleshooting.

Did you forget to specify the right port number for your gateway service port? By default Advisor uses port 80. If this is the wrong port for you, you can easily change it. See Change the Port Number for the Advisor Gateway for information.

Want to include Advisor in a sysprep image? See Include System Center Advisor in a Custom Install Image.

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