Uninstall a Gateway or Agent

You can use the Add/Remove Programs feature of Windows to uninstall the on-premise software for System Center Advisor. You can also use the Repair option in Add/Remove Programs.

Be aware of the following prior to uninstalling the on-premise software:

  • If you cancel the Advisor setup during uninstallation or repair, you will need to manually restart the Health Service.

    To restart the Health Service, open the Services console (services.msc), right-click System Center Management, and then click Restart.

  • Do not manually remove the Health Service unless you also plan to remove Advisor. Advisor software is dependent on this System Center Operations Manager software.

  • If you are uninstalling a beta version of the gateway or agent, you need to use the uninstall.exe program located in the directory where you installed the on-premise software. See To uninstall a beta gateway or agent for more information.

To uninstall or repair a Release Candidate gateway or agent

  1. Open Add/Remove Programs.

  2. Select the gateway or agent that you want to uninstall or change, and then click Uninstall or Repair.

  3. Follow the instructions in the wizard to remove or change the gateway or agent from the server.

After the wizard is finished, the executable files and data associated with Advisor will be removed or repaired, depending on the option you chose.

To change a Release Candidate gateway or agent

  1. In the directory where you installed Advisor, run AdvisorSetup.exe.

    The Setup wizard will launch in the change mode.

  2. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

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