-ms-box-lines property

Do not use. This property has been replaced by the -ms-flex-wrap property, and is no longer recognized by Windows Internet Explorer. To ensure compatibility in the future, applications using this property should be updated accordingly. Gets or sets a value that specifies whether child elements wrap onto multiple lines or columns based on the space available in the object.

This property is read/write.

Flexible Box Layout Module, Section 7Internet Explorer 10


-ms-box-lines: single | multiple

Property values

One of the following values.

  • single
    Default. All child elements are displayed in a single row or column. The overflow property of the object determines whether the child elements are hidden, clipped, or scrollable.

  • multiple
    Child elements are wrapped and displayed in successive, parallel rows or columns. The object expands in height or width, perpendicular to the axis defined by the -ms-box-orient property, to accommodate the additional rows or columns.

CSS information

Applies To box elements
Media visual
Inherited no
Initial Value single

Standards information


Each child element is resized to its minimum width or height before the object is resized to accomodate additional rows or columns.

Each successive rows is inserted below the previous row when -ms-box-direction is set to normal or above the previous row when -ms-box-direction is set to reverse.

Each successive column is inserted to the right of the previous column when -ms-box-direction is set to normal or to the left of the previous column when -ms-box-direction is set to reverse.

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