Microsoft Interoperability Program


The Microsoft Interoperability Program (MIP) facilitates the use and implementation of technical specifications for certain protocols, file formats, standards support, and languages that are used or implemented in certain Microsoft products. Microsoft designed MIP in connection with the 2009 Interoperability Undertaking between Microsoft and the European Commission.

The MIP technical specifications are divided into the following sets. Each title listed here links to the documents included in that set:

If you have questions about the MIP technical specifications, please visit the Open Specifications Forums on MSDN. These MSDN user forums are available to answer technical questions about those documents.

For information about interoperability plugfests and events and test tools, please visit the Microsoft Open Specifications — Applied Interoperability website.

The MIP technical specifications are published and available on MSDN at no charge. Rights under Microsoft patents and warranties covering these specifications are available separately. For more information about MIP, including patent license and patent covenant agreements and warranty agreements, visit the Microsoft Open Specifications website or send an email message to the IP Licensing Team.