Silverlight 4 Business Apps: Module 2 - Event Manager using WCF RIA Services

This is module 2 of the Building Business Applications with Silverlight 4 course. This module sets the stage with the course's Event Manager application. It discusses using WCF services vs WCF RIA Services. Then it walks you through integrating WCF RIA Services into the solution to support reading, editing and inserting entities. This unit also covers the key aspects of data binding and page navigation.

Hands-On Labs

  • Silverlight Business Apps: Module 2 - WCF RIA Services, Creating and Editing Data, and Data Binding

    In this lab, you will create a web site for managing conferences that will be the basis for the other labs in this course. (Don’t worry if you don’t manage to complete a particular lab. These lab manual instructions are accompanied by completed solutions, so you can either build your own solution from start to finish, or dive straight in at any point using the solutions provided as a starting point.) You will learn how to set up WCF RIA Services, create bindings to the domain context, filter using the domain data source, and create domain service queries.