Add a User to an Existing Account

Use the following steps to add a user to your System Center Advisor account. The user will be able to view and act on all alerts associated with this account.


If you want to add a user or group from your Windows Azure Active Directory organization, you must first ensure that you have associated your Advisor account with your Active Directory domain. See Add a Windows Azure Active Directory Organization to an Existing Advisor Account.

To add a user or group

  1. On the Accounts page, click Manage users.

  2. In the Manage Users window, click Add user.

  3. If your Advisor account is associated with an Active Directory organization, specify the type of user to add, either Microsoft account or Organizational account.


    You will not see this step if your account uses only Microsoft accounts.

  4. Enter the Microsoft or organizational account information for the new user.

    If you chose to add an organizational account, you can enter part of the user or group’s name or email alias, and then click Check Names to locate the specific user or group.


    For the best performance results, limit the number of Active Directory groups associated with a single Advisor account to two – one for administrators and one for users. Using more groups might impact Advisor’s performance.

  5. Select the role for this new user: Administrator or User.

  6. Click OK.

    If you are adding a Microsoft account, an invitation to join your account is sent to the email you provided. After the user follows the instructions in the invitation to join Advisor, the user can view the alerts and account information for this Advisor account, and you will be able to view the user information in the Manage Users window.

    If you are adding an organizational account, the user will be able to access Advisor immediately.

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