Ignore an Alert

You can control which alerts are displayed for your account. You can ignore an alert for a specific entity, such as a role or database, on a specific computer, for all entities on a specific computer, for all computers associated with your company’s account, or all alerts of a certain class. When you choose to ignore an alert, you create a set of criteria that defines the alert and the scope.


When you ignore an alert, future alerts generated by that rule are ignored. In addition, any existing alerts will be marked as ignored. Ignored alerts are no longer visible in System Center Advisor.

To ignore an alert

  1. On the Alerts page, select the alert you want to ignore, and then click Ignore.

  2. In the Ignore Alerts window, define the scope for ignoring this alert. You can define the scope as follows:

    • Ignore this alert on all servers

    • Ignore this alert for all instances of this entity (such as a database) on a specific server

    • Ignore this alert for this specific instance only

  3. Click OK.

To ignore a class of alerts

  1. On the Alerts page, click Manage Alert Rules.

  2. Click the Available Alert Rules tab.

    The available alerts are displayed, grouped by class. By default, all classes and all alerts are selected.

  3. To ignore a class of alerts, clear the checkbox in front of the alert rule.

  4. Click Apply.

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