Help Table of Contents

The System Center Advisor help provides the information you need to deploy and use System Center Advisor. It contains the following topics.

Learn about Advisor

What is System Center Advisor?

What's New in System Center Advisor?

FAQ: System Center Advisor and Software Assurance

System Center Advisor Release Notes

Advisor Maintenance Schedule

Deploy Advisor

Deploy System Center Advisor

System Center Advisor System Requirements

Planning Considerations for System Center Advisor

Firewall Information for System Center Advisor

Create an Advisor Account and Download the On-Premise Software

Install the Gateway and Agents from the Setup Wizard

Install the Gateway and Agent from the Command Line

Include System Center Advisor in a Custom Install Image

Authorize Agents to Access the Gateway

Set the Run As Account For SharePoint

Set the Run As Account for Lync Server

Set the Run As Account for Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

Uninstall a Gateway or Agent

Upgrade from a Previous Version of System Center Advisor

Configure Advisor

Manage Gateway Registration

Configure the Gateway and Agent

Use the System Center Advisor Configuration Wizard

Use Registry Keys to Configure System Center Advisor

Configure Proxy Settings for the Gateway

Change the Port Number for the Advisor Gateway

Manage Advisor data

Manage Data in System Center Advisor

Advisor Data Collection Details

Upload Data to System Center Advisor

View the Data that is sent to System Center Advisor

Work with Advisor alerts

System Center Advisor Alerts

Alert Types

View all Available Advisor Alerts

View an Alert

Close an Alert

Reactivate an Alert

Ignore an Alert

Stop Ignoring an Alert

Create a Service Request Based on an Alert

View configuration information for your computers

Configuration Analysis

View Current Configuration Data

View Changes to Your Computers

Manage your Advisor accounts

System Center Advisor Account Management

Change Account Name

Change User Information

Change Notification Settings

Add a User to an Existing Account

Add a Windows Azure Active Directory Organization to an Existing Advisor Account

Edit an Existing User

Remove a User

Close Your Account

Manage gateways and agents


Monitor the System Center Advisor Gateway

Advisor PowerShell cmdlets

Advisor alerts

PowerShell 2.0 Is Not Present

The Installed Advisor Agent Does Not Support SharePoint

Set the Run As Account For SharePoint

Set the Run As Account for Lync Server

Troubleshoot Advisor

Contact Microsoft Help and Support

System Center Advisor Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot the Gateway

Troubleshoot the Agent

Diagnosing Connection Problems with System Center Advisor

Advisor Deployment Troubleshooting

Help! I Cannot Download the Certificate

Can't Access Your Advisor Account?

Service Principal Name (SPN) and System Center Advisor

Troubleshooting SQL Server Discovery

The Advisor Agent Cannot Connect to the Gateway

Gateway Event Messages

Agent Event Messages

Dealing with Changes to Your Environment

Online Services Supplemental Terms and Conditions

System Center Advisor Privacy Statement

Microsoft System Center Advisor Subscription Agreement

Microsoft System Center Advisor Service Level Agreement (SLA)