Upload Data to System Center Advisor

By default, data is uploaded by the gateway to System Center Advisor for analysis every 24 hours. You can control the upload period by configuring the UploadFrequency registry key (as described in Configuring the gateway). However, there may be times when you need to upload data outside of the regularly scheduled upload. You can trigger an on-demand data upload by doing the following.

To upload data to Advisor on demand

  1. Package data from the agent and send it to the gateway. To do this, on the computer where the agent is installed, create a file named AgentUpload.cfg, and save it to %Program Files%\System Center Advisor.


    The contents of the file are ignored.

    When the agent detects this file, it will package the collected data and send it to the gateway. After this is complete, the file itself is deleted.

  2. Trigger the upload of data from the gateway to Advisor. To do this, run the following PowerShell cmdlets on the computer where you installed the gateway:

    add-pssnapin microsoftadvisorsnapin

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