Developing for SharePoint Online with Sandbox Solutions

Sandboxed Solutions are the development paradigm for SharePoint Online. In this session, you’ll learn about sandboxed solutions including how to develop, debug and deploy solutions. You’ll also learn the breadth of solutions that can be developed in the sandbox and strategies for developing common scenarios that are not enabled in the sandbox.

Hands-On Labs

  • Creating a Visual Web Part Sandboxed Solution for SharePoint Online

    In this lab you will learn how to create a Visual Web Part in a sandboxed solution and deploy that solution to SharePoint Online.

  • Creating Custom Lists

    In this lab, you will learn how to use Visual Studio 2010 to create site columns, a content type, and custom list definition to create in instance of a custom list. You will then implement referential integrity between two SharePoint lists so that the items in a list cannot be deleted unless referenced items in its child list are deleted first.

  • Custom Actions and Event Receivers

    In this lab, you will learn how to use Visual Studio 2010 to add an item to the SharePoint 2010 ribbon to a list that will take users directly to the list’s settings. You will also create an event receiver which will pre-populate a list with data.

  • Resource Points

    In this lab, you will learn how pesouce points affect solutions in SharePoint Onlines. During the lab, you will create a solution that consumes enough resouce points to cause the solution to be disabled.