Exercise 1: Creating a SharePoint List Data Source

In this exercise, you will create a new calendar list that will contain training events. In this scenario, the Windows Phone 7 application will read the calender list and display the events it contains. The Windows Phone 7 application allows users to receive Toast notifications when items in the calendar list are added, modified or deleted. Users with write permissions will be able to add events to the calendar list to test the applciation.

Task 1 – Creating the Maintenance Training Calendar List

In this task, you will use the calendar list template to create the maintenance training schedule list.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the SharePoint Team Site configured for Forms Based Authentication.

    example: http://fbawp7

  2. Log into the site using site collection administrator credentials.
  3. Click Site Actions and select More Options.
  4. In the Filter By section, select List.
  5. Select the Calendar list.

    Figure 1

    Selecting a Calendar list template.

  6. In the Name textbox, enter Maintenance Training Schedule.
  7. Click Create.