SharePoint 2010 Mobile Web Development

SharePoint supports mobile views of sites, lists and libraries. Many modern mobile browsers do not need this support as they work well with SharePoint without the need for the mobility redirection. But there are scenarios where you want to provide the best app like experience. The end user experience is focused on collaboration with access to Lists and Libraries. The mobile viewers make it easier to users to view office documents on their mobile devices. If you are planning to use mobile Web Parts and Field Controls you need to plan for how the controls will render.

Hands-On Labs

  • Enable SharePoint for Windows Phone 7 Mobile Access

    The browser in Windows Phone 7 is capable of rendering SharePoint pages with full fidelity. Many browsers have reduced capability and SharePoint is configured to redirect those browsers to use the SharePoint Mobile views. In this Lab, you will explore a SharePoint team site using the Windows Phone 7 browser and then switch to the mobile view for comparison. You will learn how to configure SharePoint to automatically redirect Windows Phone 7 to the mobile pages. Finally, you will learn to configure SharePoint lists for mobile views.

  • Creating a Mobile Web Part

    SharePoint can render content on pages in two ways, normal and mobile view. There may be cases when a custom Web part needs to render differently when viewed in a mobile browser.

  • Create a Mobile Aware Field Control

    Mobile Web applications are one consideration for creating business solutions that cross platforms from desktop browser to mobile browser. Properly written, Web applications may be easier to maintain and easier to manage as they are designed to work for many different browsers and do not need to be deployed to a device.