Assessment::GetGUID method

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]

Retrieve the unique GUID identity of the assessment.


  [out, ref]  GUID &assessmentGUID


  • assessmentGUID [out, ref]
    The GUID of the assessment.

Return value

If the assessment name was successfully retrieved, return S_OK.


Assessments use a GUID as the identity of individual assessments. The localized name of an assessment returned by the GetName method is used only for display purposes. It is possible to have multiple assessments in a single job manifest that have the same localized name returned by this method whether or not they are the same assessment. It is the solution’s responsibility to detect unique assessments based on the actual assessment GUID rather than the name.

In managed code, Guid is a property of the Assessment Object.

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Build date: 9/6/2011