IKsVideoProcessing::Flush method

A plug-in's implementation of IKsVideoProcessing::Flush should release all the plug-in's input and output samples as soon as possible.


HRESULT Flush();


This method has no parameters.

Return value

This method returns one of the following values:

Return code Description

The plug-in has successfully flushed queued data and is ready to accept new samples.


This method should not return an error code while samples are still referenced.



This method should reset the plug-in so that it is ready to accept samples after this call completes. This method should signal all the pended samples that were supplied by using IKsVideoProcessing::ProcessInput and IKsVideoProcessing::ProcessOutput.

Calling this method does not invalidate the selected media types of the plug-in's input and output.

IKsVideoProcessing is defined in Ksvidprocplugin.h. The contents of this header file are provided in Providing a Video Post-Processing Plug-in.

This method is a pure virtual method that is implemented by the vendor-supplied plug-in.

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