Debugging and testing Store apps with Visual Studio

Visual Studio includes a set of testing and debugging tools that can help you ensure that your Store app is of the highest quality.

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Run Store apps from Visual Studio

Run Store apps on a local machine, in an app simulator or emulator, or on a remote device.

Debug Store apps in Visual Studio

Find and fix bugs in your Store apps by using the Visual Studio debugger.

Run analysis tools from the Performance and Diagnostic page

Run one more diagnostic tools from the Visual Studio Performance and Diagnostic page.

Analyze the performance of Windows Store apps using Visual Studio diagnostic tools

Analyze CPU usage and UI responsiveness in Store apps

Analyze memory usage (JavaScript)

Analyze memory usage and find memory leaks in Store apps using JavaScript and HTML.

Analyze memory usage of Store apps (VB, C#, C++)

Analyze memory usage and find memory leaks in Store apps using C#, VB, and XAML.

Analyze energy use in Store apps

Analyze the power and energy consumption of Store apps on low-power tablet devices that run all or part of the time on their own batteries.

Prefetch content for Windows Store apps

Analyze the effect of the ContentPrefetcher class on Windows Store apps.

Create and run unit tests for a Store app in Visual Studio

Create and run unit tests on a Store app from Visual Studio.

Analyze the code quality of Store apps using Visual Studio static code analysis

Find problems that are difficult to detect in debugging and testing by using Visual Studio code analysis tools.

For more information about debugging, see Debugging in Visual Studio in the MSDN Library.

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