IKsVideoProcessing::ProcessInput method

The system-supplied KSProxy module calls IKsVideoProcessing::ProcessInput to supply input data to the plug-in.


HRESULT ProcessInput(
  AsyncStatus *pStatus


  • pInputData
    A pointer to a KSSTREAM_HEADER structure that contains media data coming from the device.

  • pStatus
    A pointer to a AsyncStatus structure that contains the completion event handle. If this method returns E_PENDING, the plug-in should later signal completion by using AsyncStatus.hCompletionEvent.

Return value

This method returns one of the following values:

Return code Description

The plug-in has successfully processed the input data.


The method could not process the buffer immediately.


The plug-in cannot process the buffer.



IKsVideoProcessing is defined in Ksvidprocplugin.h. The contents of this header file are provided in Providing a Video Post-Processing Plug-in.

The plug-in is responsible for the buffer that is associated with pInputData until the plug-in returns S_OK from this method or signals the completion event.

This method enables data processing to be asynchronous, and enables the input and output frame rates to be different. Also, it facilitates the processing of temporally compressed data, a scenario in which some samples may be held longer than other samples.

This method is a pure virtual method that is implemented by the vendor-supplied plug-in.

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