System.Resources namespace

The System.Resources namespace contains classes and interfaces that enable developers to create, store, and manage various culture-specific resources used in an application.

This topic displays the types in the System.Resources namespace that are included in the .NET for Windows Store apps. Note that the .NET for Windows Store apps does not include all the members of each type. For information about individual types, see the linked topics. The documentation for a type indicates which members are included in the .NET for Windows Store apps.

System.Resources namespace

Types supported in the .NET for Windows Store apps



The exception that is thrown if the main assembly does not contain the resources for the neutral culture, and they are required because of a missing appropriate satellite assembly.


Informs the ResourceManager of the default culture of an application. This class cannot be inherited.


Provides convenient access to culture-specific resources at run time.


Instructs the ResourceManager to ask for a particular version of a satellite assembly to simplify updates of the main assembly of an application.

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