Diagnosing Connection Problems with System Center Advisor

Because System Center Advisor relies on data moved to and from the cloud, connection issues can be crippling. Use the following information to understand and solve your connection issues.

Error message Possible causes

The internet connectivity was verified, but connection to Advisor service could not be established. Please try again later.

  • The Advisor service is under maintenance. Wait until the Advisor maintenance is done. If you see this message repeatedly, and you’ve already tried the solution below, visit Microsoft Connect to see what happened or report the issue.

  • Your network has blocked Advisor. Contact your network administrator and request that they permit access to Advisor, or use another server as your gateway.

Internet connection could not be established. Please check your proxy settings.

  • This server is not internet connected. Check the internet connectivity status, and make sure the server is connected to internet.

  • The proxy setting is not correct. See Configure Proxy Settings for the Gateway for information on how to set or change your proxy settings.

  • The proxy requires authentication, which is currently not supported by Advisor. Report the issue to Advisor through Microsoft Connect.