Microsoft.Data.Edm.Validation Namespace


  Class Description
Public class EdmError Represents a reportable error in EDM.
Public class EdmValidator Represents a collection of validation methods.
Public class ExpressionTypeChecker Collection of extension methods to assert that an expression is of the required type.
Public class ObjectLocation Defines an object as a location of itself.
Public class ValidationContext Specifies a context that records errors reported by validation rules.
Public class ValidationExtensionMethods Contains IsBad(IEdmElement) and IsBad(IEdmElement) extension methods.
Public class ValidationRule Represents a semantic validation rule.
Public class ValidationRule<TItem> Represents a validation rule that is valid for a specific type.
Public class ValidationRules Represents the built in Edm validation rules.
Public class ValidationRuleSet Provides a set of rules to run during validation.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration EdmErrorCode Specifies an enumeration of Edm validation error codes.