Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Tools.Delta Namespace


  Class Description
Public class DeltaConstants Constants associated with Delta services, such as the text view roles associated with an IDifferenceViewer.
Public class DifferenceBufferOption< (Of < ( <'T> ) > ) >
Public class DifferenceBufferOptions
Public class DifferenceSearchResult Search results for find methods on IDifferenceBuffer.
Public class DifferenceTrackingSpans Tracking spans for an ISnapshotDifference for the various line and word differences.
Public class DifferenceViewerCreatedEventArgs Event args for DifferenceViewerCreated.
Public class DifferenceViewerOption< (Of < ( <'T> ) > ) >
Public class DifferenceViewerOptions
Public class SnapshotDifferenceChangeEventArgs Used in conjunction with SnapshotDifferenceChanging and SnapshotDifferenceChanged.


  Interface Description
Public interface IDifferenceBuffer A difference buffer constantly computes the differences between two ITextBuffers, providing an IProjectionBuffer, TopLevelBuffer, that contains the differences between the two ITextBuffers in an inline difference.
Public interface IDifferenceBufferFactoryService A factory for creating IDifferenceBuffer instances.
Public interface IDifferenceViewer A difference viewer is a container for viewing an IDifferenceBuffer in an inline or side-by-side mode. It keeps the scroll state of the different views in sync, and provides helpers for scrolling to differences and matches in all views.
Public interface IDifferenceViewerFactoryService A service for creating IDifferenceViewers.
Public interface ISnapshotDifference A set of differences between two ITextSnapshots.
Public interface ITextDifferencingService


  Delegate Description
Public delegate CreateTextViewHostCallback
Public delegate IgnoreDifferencePredicate
Public delegate SnapshotLineFilter


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DifferenceHighlightMode The highlight mode for this IDifferenceViewer.
Public enumeration DifferenceViewMode The view mode for an IDifferenceViewer.
Public enumeration IgnoreDelimiterBehavior
Public enumeration IgnoreWhiteSpaceBehavior
Public enumeration LineType The line type, as used in methods on IDifferenceBuffer.