Troubleshoot the Agent

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your System Center Advisor agent.

  1. Ensure the Advisor gateway is running. See Troubleshoot the Gateway.

  2. Ensure the agent service is running.

    To check if the agent service is running, start the Services console (type services.msc at the Run prompt on the Start menu). Find System Center Management. If this service is stopped, restart it.

  3. Check the agent service:

    • The following steps require the use of the Advisor PowerShell cmdlets. To enable the cmdlets, run the following at a PowerShell command prompt:

      Add-pssnapin microsoftadvisorsnapin
    • Ensure that the agent is authorized to the gateway. To do this, log on to your gateway computer and type lusrmgr.msc at the Run prompt on the Start menu, and then click Groups->Allowed Advisor Agent. Check if the computer where your agent is installed is included in the list.

    • Check the agent settings. To do this, run the Get-SCAdvisorAgentSetting PowerShell cmdlet and review the information returned.

      If the gateway server is incorrect, see the solution for event ID 11006 in Agent Event Messages.

      If the agent upload frequency is incorrect, see the solution for event ID 11013 in Agent Event Messages.

    • Test the connectivity between the agent and the gateway. To do this, run the Test-SCAdvisorAgent PowerShell cmdlet.

      If the cmdlet fails, see the solution for event IDs 11002 and 11003 in Agent Event Messages.

      You can also check out the information in The Advisor Agent Cannot Connect to the Gateway.

  4. Check the agent event log. See Agent Event Messages for more information.

  5. If you still cannot fix your agent issue, Contact Microsoft Help and Support.