IsNullConverter.Convert Method

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Converts a null value to a true bool and any other value to a false bool.

If the parameter contains "Not", "!", or "Invert", the result is inverted.

Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Controls.WPF.Converters
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Controls (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Controls.dll)


Public Overridable Function Convert ( _
    value As Object, _
    targetType As Type, _
    parameter As Object, _
    culture As CultureInfo _
) As Object
public virtual Object Convert(
    Object value,
    Type targetType,
    Object parameter,
    CultureInfo culture
virtual Object^ Convert(
    Object^ value, 
    Type^ targetType, 
    Object^ parameter, 
    CultureInfo^ culture
abstract Convert : 
        value:Object * 
        targetType:Type * 
        parameter:Object * 
        culture:CultureInfo -> Object  
override Convert : 
        value:Object * 
        targetType:Type * 
        parameter:Object * 
        culture:CultureInfo -> Object
public function Convert(
    value : Object, 
    targetType : Type, 
    parameter : Object, 
    culture : CultureInfo
) : Object


  • targetType
    Type: System.Type

    output type - Must be bool

  • parameter
    Type: System.Object

    comma-separated options. "Not", "!", or "Invert" to invert the result.

Return Value

Type: System.Object
converted bool


IValueConverter.Convert(Object, Type, Object, CultureInfo)

.NET Framework Security

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