createStreamFromInputStream method

Creates an MSStream from an InputStream.

Internet Explorer 10



var retVal = MSApp.createStreamFromInputStream(type, inputStream);


  • type [in]
    Type: DOMString

    Content type of the data. This string should be in the format specified in the media-type token defined in section 3.7 of RFC 2616.

  • inputStream [in]
    Type: any

    The IInputStream to be stored in the MSStream.


Exception Condition

The node type is incompatible with the expected parameter type. For versions earlier than Internet Explorer 10, TYPE_MISMATCH_ERR is returned.



This method takes a content-type, and the IInputStream reference. The method then verifies that the stream reference passed in is an instance of type IInputStream and if not, throws DOMException TYPE_MISMATCH_ERR. If no error occurs, createStreamFromInputStream creates an MSStream (from its inputs).


An IInputStream can be used to create an MSStream. As MSStreams are inherently one-time-use objects, all URLs created by URL.createObjectURL are revoked the first time it's resolved by the image element. Additionally, requests for a second URL on this object after the stream has been used will fail.

var inputStream = myInputStream; //get InputStream from socket API, etc.
var stream = MSApp.createStreamFromInputStream("image/bmp", inputstream);
document.getElementById("imagetag").src = URL.createObjectURL(stream); 

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