C++/CLI Tasks


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The articles in this section of the documentation show how to use various features of C++/CLI.

In This Section

How to: Create CLR Empty Projects
How to: Create CLR Console Applications (C++/CLI)
How to: Use Tracking References in C++/CLI
How to: Use Arrays in C++/CLI
How to: Define and Consume Classes and Structs (C++/CLI)
C++ Stack Semantics for Reference Types
User-Defined Operators (C++/CLI)
User-Defined Conversions (C++/CLI)
initonly (C++/CLI)
How to: Define and Use Delegates (C++/CLI)
How to: Define and consume enums in C++/CLI
How to: Use Events in C++/CLI
How to: Define an Interface Static Constructor (C++/CLI)
How to: Declare Override Specifiers in Native Compilations (C++/CLI)
How to: Use Properties in C++/CLI
How to: Use safe_cast in C++/CLI
.NET Programming with C++/CLI (Visual C++)