GeographyPoint.Create Method (CoordinateSystem, Double, Double, Nullable<Double>, Nullable<Double>)

Creates a geography point using the specified coordinate system, latitude, longitude and dimensions.

Namespace:  System.Spatial
Assembly:  System.Spatial (in System.Spatial.dll)


Public Shared Function Create ( _
    coordinateSystem As CoordinateSystem, _
    latitude As Double, _
    longitude As Double, _
    z As Nullable(Of Double), _
    m As Nullable(Of Double) _
) As GeographyPoint
Dim coordinateSystem As CoordinateSystem 
Dim latitude As Double 
Dim longitude As Double 
Dim z As Nullable(Of Double)
Dim m As Nullable(Of Double)
Dim returnValue As GeographyPoint 

returnValue = GeographyPoint.Create(coordinateSystem, _
    latitude, longitude, z, m)
public static GeographyPoint Create(
    CoordinateSystem coordinateSystem,
    double latitude,
    double longitude,
    Nullable<double> z,
    Nullable<double> m
static GeographyPoint^ Create(
    CoordinateSystem^ coordinateSystem, 
    double latitude, 
    double longitude, 
    Nullable<double> z, 
    Nullable<double> m
static member Create : 
        coordinateSystem:CoordinateSystem * 
        latitude:float * 
        longitude:float * 
        z:Nullable<float> * 
        m:Nullable<float> -> GeographyPoint
public static function Create(
    coordinateSystem : CoordinateSystem, 
    latitude : double, 
    longitude : double, 
    z : Nullable<double>, 
    m : Nullable<double>
) : GeographyPoint


Return Value

Type: System.Spatial.GeographyPoint
The geography point that was created.

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