Utilities.FindFirstDifference Method

Applies To: System Center Configuration Manager 2012, System Center Configuration Manager 2012

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Namespace: Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ApplicationManagement
Assembly: Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ApplicationManagement (in Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ApplicationManagement.dll)


Dim objA As Object
Dim objB As Object
Dim returnValue As String

returnValue = Utilities.FindFirstDifference(objA, objB)


Public Shared Function FindFirstDifference ( _
    objA As Object, _
    objB As Object _
) As String
public static string FindFirstDifference (
    Object objA,
    Object objB
static String^ FindFirstDifference (
    Object^ objA, 
    Object^ objB
public static String FindFirstDifference (
    Object objA, 
    Object objB
public static function FindFirstDifference (
    objA : Object, 
    objB : Object
) : String

Thread Safety

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Development Platforms

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and

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