The AddDependency method adds an entry for a single application to the ApplicationDependencies metabase property. You can specify a group that the application is dependent upon, or specify a new group name.


This method is only available on IIS 6.0 or later.

HRESULT AddDependency(
  BSTR  bstrApplication,
  BSTR  bstrGroupID


  • bstrApplication
    [in] String containing the name of the application to which the dependency is added. This is the first token in the ApplicationDependencies metabase property.

  • bstrGroupID
    [in] String containing the name of the GroupID to add to the ApplicationDependencies metabase property.

Return Value

The method returns an HRESULT. Possible values include, but are not limited to, S_OK, which indicates that the method succeeded.


Server: Requires Windows Server 2003.

Product: IIS

Header: Declared in iiisext.h; include iisext_i.c.

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