IIS ADSI Provider Interfaces

This section describes the methods of the IIS ADSI interfaces that are used to configure the IIS metabase in C++ and Visual Basic applications. The IIS ADSI interfaces are defined in the Iiisext.h header file, with special purpose classes defined in the IIIS.h header file. GUIDs used by the Iiisext.h header file are defined in the IISext_i.c file.

The Windows ADSI classes IADs and IADsContainer can be used to get, set, enumerate, refresh, move, and copy IIS metabase properties and nodes without having to include the IIS ADSI provider interfaces. IADs is used to represent any object in a hierarchy, such as a node in the IIS metabase. IADsContainer is used to represent a container of objects. However, the IIS ADSI provider interfaces include definitions for special purpose objects such as IISIPSecurity and IISMimeType, and methods for IIS-related tasks like creating applications and backing up the metabase.

For a C++ code example that uses ADSI to configure the metabase, see Using ADSI to Configure IIS in a C++ Application. For information about adding custom classes, methods, and properties to the IIS ADSI schema, see Extending the IIS ADSI Schema.

For more information about the other administration features of IIS, see Comparison of IIS Administration Features.

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