Using ADSI to Configure IIS

This section describes a selection of programming tasks that are involved in using the IIS ADSI provider to configure IIS. The classes, methods, and properties of the IIS ADSI provider can be used to configure IIS from scripts or executables. Less common administration tasks are listed in Supporting Tasks for Configuring IIS.

The IIS ADSI provider cannot be used without certain methods of the Windows ADSI classes. For a list of the Windows ADSI methods that are commonly used in IIS adminstration scripts, see IIS ADSI Provider Architecture.

ms525389.alert_caution(en-us,VS.90).gifImportant Note:

When using ADSI to configure IIS, ensure that the user account of the person running the script is a member of the adminstrators group or use LogonAdmin to run the script under the credentials of an administrator.

For more information, see User authentication issues with the ADSI WinNT provider.

This section includes the following topics: