Processing Transactions Using COM+ Services

This section describes how to handle transaction processing in ASP pages and COM components.

Business applications frequently need to be able to run scripts and components within transactions. A transaction is a server operation that succeeds or fails as a whole, even if the operation involves many steps (for example, ordering, checking inventory, and billing). You can create server-side scripts that run within a transaction so that if any portion of the script fails, the entire transaction is terminated.

ASP transaction processing is based on the Component Services Transactions environment, a transaction processing system for developing, deploying, and managing high performance, scalable, and robust enterprise, Internet, and intranet server applications. This transaction environment defines an application programming model for developing distributed, component-based applications. It also provides a run-time environment for deploying and managing these applications.

The functionality required to create transactional scripts is built into your Web server. If you install Component Services, you can also package components so they run within transactions.

This section includes the following topics: