IHttpCachePolicy::AppendVaryByQueryString Method


Appends the query value to the cache policy.


virtual HRESULT AppendVaryByQueryString(  
   PCSTR pszParam  
) = 0;  


A pointer to a null-terminated string that contains the custom query string to append.



Return Value

An HRESULT. Possible values include, but are not limited to, those in the following table.

Value Description
S_OK Indicates that pszParam is NULL.


Indicates that pszParam is appended to the query list.
ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY Indicates that heap memory is exhausted.
E_FAIL Indicates that the operation failed.


CHttpModule derived classes that register for request or response events receive an IHttpContext pointer as a parameter on the corresponding virtual method. To append a custom query, call the IHttpContext::GetResponse method, the IHttpResponse::GetCachePolicy method, and finally the AppendVaryByQueryString method.

AppendVaryByQueryString behavior depends on implementation. You should use the following information as a guideline, but it may not be correct in all scenarios:

The current default implementer of the IHttpCachePolicy interface declares a private buffer that contains variable header data. During the construction of an implementer, this buffer is initialized to empty. Every time AppendVaryByQueryString is called, AppendVaryByQueryString immediately returns S_OK if the pszParam parameter is NULL. Otherwise, the buffer is expanded to hold a copy of pszParam, including the null-termination character, plus 1 if the buffer is not currently empty. Then, if the buffer is not empty, the ',' character is appended to the buffer. Finally, the contents of pszParam, including the null-termination character, are appended to the buffer.

Notes for Implementers

IHttpCachePolicy implementers are responsible for copying the pszParam parameter into a buffer, because the data associated with pszParam is not guaranteed to be valid after the call to AppendVaryByQueryString.

Notes for Callers

IHttpCachePolicy clients are responsible for passing either a NULL pszParam parameter or a null-terminated string to the AppendVaryByHeader method. Clients are also responsible for disposing of pszParam after the call to AppendVaryByHeader, because IHttpCachePolicy implementers copy pszParam into an internal buffer.

The internal buffer used by the default IHttpCachePolicy implementer is a comma-delimited string of custom headers. Therefore, pszParam must not include the ',' character.


Type Description
Client - IIS 7.0 on Windows Vista
- IIS 7.5 on Windows 7
- IIS 8.0 on Windows 8
- IIS 10.0 on Windows 10
Server - IIS 7.0 on Windows Server 2008
- IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2
- IIS 8.0 on Windows Server 2012
- IIS 8.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2
- IIS 10.0 on Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview
Product - IIS 7.0, IIS 7.5, IIS 8.0, IIS 8.5, IIS 10.0
- IIS Express 7.5, IIS Express 8.0, IIS Express 10.0
Header Httpserv.h

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