Web Server Core Enumerations


This section describes the Web Server Core and integrated request-processing pipeline enumerations.

In This Section

The following table lists the enumerations exposed by the integrated request-processing pipeline.

Enumeration Description
CACHE_OPERATION Defines the enumeration values for cache operations.
GLOBAL_NOTIFICATION_STATUS Defines the return values for global-level notifications.
HTTP_TRACE_TYPE Determines what data type the HTTP_TRACE_EVENT_ITEM structure maintains.
REQUEST_NOTIFICATION_STATUS Defines the return values for request-level notifications.


All global-level notification handlers are required to return a value from the GLOBAL_NOTIFICATION_STATUS enumeration, and all request-level notification handlers are required to return a value from the REQUEST_NOTIFICATION_STATUS enumeration.

You can use the values from the HTTP_TRACE_TYPE enumeration to define the type of data that is contained within an HTTP_TRACE_EVENT_ITEM structure.

When you call the ICacheProvider::GetCacheOperation method, values from the CACHE_OPERATION enumeration indicate the resulting cache event.

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