IGlobalFileChangeProvider Interface


Provides a global-level interface for GL_FILE_CHANGE notifications.


class IGlobalFileChangeProvider : public IHttpEventProvider  


The following table lists the methods exposed by the IGlobalFileChangeProvider interface.

Name Description
GetFileMonitor Returns an IHttpFileMonitor file-change monitor.
GetFileName Retrieves the full path to a file that has been changed.
SetErrorStatus (Inherited from IHttpEventProvider.)

Derived Classes

This interface contains no derived classes.


An IGlobalFileChangeProvider interface is created and passed to a module's CGlobalModule::OnGlobalFileChange method when the module has registered for the GL_FILE_CHANGE notification in the module's exported RegisterModule function.

Inheritance Hierarchy




Type Description
Client - IIS 7.0 on Windows Vista
- IIS 7.5 on Windows 7
- IIS 8.0 on Windows 8
- IIS 10.0 on Windows 10
Server - IIS 7.0 on Windows Server 2008
- IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2
- IIS 8.0 on Windows Server 2012
- IIS 8.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2
- IIS 10.0 on Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview
Product - IIS 7.0, IIS 7.5, IIS 8.0, IIS 8.5, IIS 10.0
- IIS Express 7.5, IIS Express 8.0, IIS Express 10.0
Header Httpserv.h

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